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Rockstar: Supernova

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All Members , Moderated
For fans of the reality show Rockstar: Supernova.
This is the community for discussion and fans of the show Rock Star: Supernova!
As the show is now over, all relevant topics are welcome. Posts attacking other members do not qualify as relevant topics.

Rules & Info
- Please, please put all spoilers behind a cut (learn how) for at least 6 hours after the show airs at 8 or 9 p.m. EST. Other time zones are people too!, as the saying goes.
- Posts should be on-topic, i.e. relating to Rockstar Supernova: the show, the rockers, the hosts, the band, etc., in some way.
- Icons, colorbars, banners and so forth are all fine things to share, but they belong under a cut if there are more than 3.
- Large pictures and massive texts ---> under a cut, please.
- Nudity also belongs under a cut, properly labeled.
- Don't be mean to other members! :D (This is common sense, right?)
- Any questions or harsh criticism about the community can be posted here. Don't be shy!

Links of interest
-Official Website/Vote Here
-CBS Website
-Supernova's blog (all of the rockers' are linked on the left)
-Dave Navarro's blog

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